How to get information on our products?- Check the catalogue section on our website.

    How to get information on prices?- By filling out the enrolment form in enrolment.

    How to place an order?- In Customer, Catalogue, choose an article and add it to " basket ", check, modify if necessary and forward it to MELCHIONI CAR SYSTEM on the web.

    Is there any minimum order quantity?- One piece.

    How do the mirrors get packed?- All our mirrors and lighting products are individually packed in a box, then get clustered into boxes protected by air-filled plastic to obtain maximum protection.


    What is the delivery time?- Whether your order contains 1 piece or 5000 pieces, the average delivery time is one week after written order confirmation. Once confirmed, the order will be made ready in our logistics centre.

    Who will take care of the transport?- Our terms of delivery are EX WORKS, but our aim is to simplify your work as much as possible. So, you point out the forwarder you prefer and we contact the forwarder once the order is ready.


    What is the minimum order quantity to receive the goods free of postage charges?- 2.000 €.

    What is the delivery time?- Between 24 and 48 hours (Islands excluded), not depending on how many articles or lines are you ordering

    Is it possible to receive an urgent order the day after ordering?- Yes, always. If you order before 6:00pm.

    Which forwarder will supply me the order?- BRT or whichever the customer chooses.