Throughout this document we want to stand out the reasons supporting  the statement that we are the best partner our customers can choose to face the new market challenges (access for the insurance companies to the IAM, competition from the official dealers, etc…)

  1. THE BIGGEST RANGE IN THE MARKET We are the specialist in the European market for the product ranges of mirrors and lighting. We have more than 16.000 item numbers through 2 catalogues that allow us to cover 98% of the existing European car park.
  2. PERMANENT DELIVERY RATE OF 95% With a 5.000 m2 warehouse and 627.000 pieces on stock, we guarantee that our customer will get minimum 95% of his order.
  3. QUALITY DEPARTMENT UNIQUE IN THE AFTERMARKET Seven technicians, together with one laboratory and all the needed technical tolls and facilities. We are the only actor in the aftermarket that homologates and certifies all the products to be integrated in his range. We are able to give immediately a documented answer to any claim our customer could find out.
  4. SOLE MANUFACTURER FOR AFTERMARKET MIRRORS Two factories, 245 workers and a production capacity of 3 million pieces per year. Being the producer, we control the product and have much higher technical knowledge about it than our competitors.
  5. WEB PAGE Updated, modern and the quickest way to make enquiries. It allows to check the product availability, together with its price and, even more, to place orders that reserve stock and ensure that your delivery provides the needed pieces after order confirmation. Easy and without waiting at the phone.
  6. TECCOM Complete circuit: from the stock/price enquiry, and reservation of the item in case of an order, to the reception of the final invoice.
  7. PRODUCT MONITORING At any time we know what piece we are going to deliver, where, when and how it was manufactured. We guarantee the homogeneity of our products.
  8. DELIVERY IN 24-48 HOURS We guarantee that all the orders will be delivered within 24-48 HOURS after order confirmation (Islands not included)
  9. CARE AND CONTROL OF OUR CUSTOMERS STOCKS We make sure our customers keep a complete and active stock, so that they can give an answer to any market demand.